Ecology applied to agriculture

Agroecology is the study of ecological processes applied to agricultural production systems. It suggest novel and efficient management approaches that will secure increased stability and increase the value of the land.

This regenerative, rather then extractive, model of agriculture, includes  practices such as: no till farming, holisitc grazing management and synergic poly-cultures, seasonal crop rotations.

They can be used one their own or mixed depending on the current state of the land.


Annual Rotations

Temporal diversity incorporated into cropping systems, providing crop nutrients and
breaking the life cycles of several insect pests, diseases and weed life cycles.

Intercropping and polycultures

Complex, often multiseasonal, cropping systems in which two or more crop species are planted within
sufficient spatial proximity to result in competition or complementation, thereby enhancing yields.

Holistic Grazing and Animal Integration

Animal integration in agro-ecosystems, which may include perennials, aids in achieving high biomass output and optimal recycling as well as preventing soil degradation.

Agroforestry Systems and Alley Cropping

Agricultural systems in which trees are grown together with annual crops and/or animals, resulting in enhanced complementary relations between components increasing multiple uses of the agro-ecosystems.

Cover-crop and Mulching Techniques

The use of pure or mixed stands of legumes or other annual plant species under fruit trees to adding organic fertilization, enhancing biological control of pests and modifying the orchard microclimate

Hydraulic Arrangements

Techniques such as riparian buffers, pond farming and the adoption of wetland species can restore or improve the productivity of wet areas. They may work as biomass banks particularly well due to the great productivty of these areas.

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