Agricultural Services

The application of the ecology to agriculture has a very long history and is suitable for any kind of crops or animals.

Although being usually more work intensive compared to the traditional agriculture, they provide advantages in lots of other terms that will make up for the increased work intensity.

The land, in particular, will produce more per area unit and the quality of the soil will increase greatly together with the value of your land.

It is possible to apply one service alone, to start enjoying the benefits of ecology, or to completely redesign your operation all together.

Call us for advice and to pioneer the application of ecology to agriculture.

Urban Services

Any garden or yard can be suitable for ecological applications.

The advantages of ecological applications to the gardens depend on what kind of plants are grown (for example annuals or perennials, food or decorative), but typically the garden will be less work intensive, more productive and much more beautiful and colorful all together.

We can help to design your garden as well as to manage it over time. No job is too big or too small.

You will only have to enjoy the beauty and productivity of a natural ecosystem in your garden.

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